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How To Unbrick Samsung Galaxy F22 Stuck in Bootloop

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Your Samsung Galaxy F22 is trapped in a boot loop because it has been bricked. If this is the case, you are in the correct place. How and when to unbrick your phone can be found in this article. Let us learn How to Unbrick Samsung Galaxy F22 Stuck in Bootloop.

In most cases, a phone that has been bricked will not be able to move past the Samsung boot animation. In this case, the phone is stuck in a boot loop, meaning this cannot load the operating system firmware. Galaxy F22 was bricked after a user refuses to maintain an online tutorial properly. Although many users fail to follow instructions and end up installing or setting up incompatible software.

A soft-bricked Samsung Galaxy F22 is indeed stuck in the boot loop and won’t boot past the Samsung logo. For several reasons, this is so.

What does Bootloop Mean?

Bootloop on Android is an issue that many Android devices have encountered. As it turns out, the Android boot loop is nothing more than a bug that causes your phone to automatically turn on every time you switch it off. The boot loop Android occurs when the Android phone may not remain powered off or turned off and starts booting up automatically within a few seconds.

One of the very first signs of a soft-bricked smartphone is an Android boot loop. You will not be able to get to the Home or the Locked Screen once your device is encountering an Android boot loop issue. These errors cause many people to fear losing their data as well as other files.

Android boot loops can be very frustrating, so we’ve compiled a list of ways you can fix them without losing your important data in the Samsung Galaxy F22.

Why your Device does gets Stuck in Bootloop?

Getting stuck in boot loops can be a problem that may occur very often. But here are the three main causes behind this issue explained well –

  1. The Wrong Firmware Flash – You can download a firmware file for a particular phone model from the Internet. In Samsung’s case, the real worry is that it produces multiple versions of the very same device. Exynos chipsets are used in one country, while Snapdragon chipsets are used elsewhere. Always confirm the firmware model number before actually flashing anything! In this case, your phone can get stuck in some kind of a boot loop.
  2. Kernel and ROM flashed incorrectly – You can do the same thing with other files that you might want to put on your mobile phone, too. It’s possible to brick your phone by downloading and flashing the incorrect custom ROM, kernel, and any other files that are not built for your device.
  3. If you fail to wipe the data and cache – Some instructions and procedures prompt the applicant to execute a factory reset and wipe all data. For obvious reasons, to configure a different Android version on your phone, you must perform a factory data reset. As a result, the phone will not start.

This issue can also be caused by corrupt Application update files. When you download apps and programs from untrusted sources, you expose your device to a specific type of virus that helps prevent it from working properly.

Once you try to mess with your phone’s internal setups, you’re likely to encounter the Android boot loop error.

So, if you are searching for places to fix boot loop issues, you will now have to reset your device or use a recovery method or bootable backup.

How to unbrick Samsung Galaxy F22 Stuck in Bootloop?

Your Galaxy F22 boot loop could be caused by several different issues. To fix a firmware or ROM that was flashed inaccurate, you must install new stock firmware. A factory reset will fix any phone that is stuck in a boot loop after you’ve configured the correct ROM. Some problems can be fixed by simply turning off the phone and restarting it.

Let us know some more ways to deal with the problem –

Force Shutdown

The majority of the time, a simple solution like this one will solve the problem. Sometimes, the phone can get stuck all through the boot and just not load Android. By trying to force the phone to turn off, users can fix the problem. All buttons must be pressed simultaneously (Volume Down + Power) to activate the camera. Then, press and hold them until another screen goes black, then let go. You can then continue to press and hold the Power button till the phone starts up.

Wipe the Data and Perform Hard Reset

After trying to force the device to turn off, if it still doesn’t receive past the boot animation logo, there seems to be a software issue at play. Galaxy F22 boot loop can be fixed by wiping data and performing a full factory reset. Most or all of the time, this is a very effective trick.

Resetting the phone is usually possible through its settings menu. Because the phone would not boot, we can’t access the settings. A factory reset from recovery mode is considered in this model. On all Android phones, there is a piece of software called “Recovery”. It is used in situations like this.

You can Flash Stock the Firmware on your Samsung Galaxy F22 Stuck in Bootloop

The last resort would be to flash a stock firmware if trying to restart your phone and wiping it does not work. This is because the whole Android firmware is corrupted and a straightforward factory reset will not fix it. This can only be fixed by flashing firmware. A bricked Galaxy F22 can be unbricked and thus the boot loop issue can be fixed. Odin allows you to flash the stock firmware.


It’s possible to brick your phone for a plethora of purposes. Other times the problem may be caused by a bug in the system that can then be quickly fixed by a forced reboot. An incorrect custom ROM or a corrupted firmware may also be to blame. There is indeed a fix for your bricked Samsung Galaxy F22.


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