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How to Turn on Automatic updates on Redmi 9i Step By Step

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As soon as you start setting up your Redmi 9i for the first time you receive all the apps and system configuration of the latest version. There are system apps that do not require frequent updates like calls, cameras, calculators, etc. But the essential apps which the Redmi 9i users download from the play store require frequent updates are Spotify, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Let us learn how to Turn on Automatic updates on Redmi 9i Step by Step.

The necessity of Automatic updates on Redmi 9i

Redmi 9i comes with high specs and built quality with fast speed for smooth function of the Redmi smartphones. The apps which the Redmi 9i users download to do their day-to-day work which is essential for the smooth functioning of the phone and make it usable require updates frequently. The developers always come up with updates on the Redmi 9i to add new features and make it more user-friendly than the previous versions. We always strive for betterment and the updates usually contain more advanced features and specs for the Redmi 9i users.

How to Turn on Automatic updates on Redmi 9i

Usually, Redmi 9i users do not notice the updates which frequently come on the play store. People nowadays are so busy with their works that they do not have time to see the essential updates which are required by the device. Redmi 9i comes up with a very beneficial feature of automatic updates where the user does not require to take any tension regarding updates on their Redmi 9i because due to the feature of Automatic updates, the apps and configuration automatically gets updated when on WIFI or with additional settings you can do it with even the mobile data.

Steps for Automatic update on Redmi 9i

STEP 1: In the main menu of your Redmi 9i, search for the Google play store app which is used to download apps on your Redmi 9i.

STEP 2: At the top of the screen beside the search bar you will see three horizontal lines. Press on it.

STEP 3: In the menu displayed, press on the horizontal lines. Click on the option of settings.

STEP 4: In the general settings you will find a tab of the automatic update option. Click on that option.

STEP 5: The pop-up screen will now show the options of automatic updates where you can browse through the options of downloading the apps automatically when on WIFI or on mobile data. You can choose the options from the list.


Automatic updates on Redmi 9i can be a very beneficial feature for all the users who does not have time to look up updates so, Redmi 9i automatic update makes life easy. Many users also prefer to turn off the automatic update option because they don’t want certain apps to be updated due to reasons like the shortage of space on the Redmi 9i. Others also believe that it can drain out your data if the Redmi 9i is on automatic update mode as it will automatically update unnecessary updates which are of no use to the Redmi 9i user.


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