3 Ways to Take Screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy F22

Most of the important feature in a device or mainly talking about the Samsung Galaxy F22 is the feature of Screenshot. People tend take screenshot of important things that appear to be displayed on your device. You can save it to share or for your own use in future. It is one of the important feature smartphones have and is widely used.

If you have a new Samsung Galaxy F22, you must be wondering about how take a screenshot. Most of the smartphones of Samsung have similar technique to take the screenshot. In this article we will be discussing 3 ways by which you can take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy F22.

Method 1 – Hardware keys of Samsung Galaxy F22

This is one of the traditional as well as the oldest ways to take a screenshot on your device or mainly talking about the Samsung Galaxy F22. In this method we make use of the hardware keys present in the sides of your device.

Take your phone and simultaneously press the power button and the volume down button to take the screenshot. Press the keys until a flash pops up in the screen to show that the screenshot is complete. A window will popup giving you 3 options of editing, crop or scroll capture. You can use these features or just click on done to save the screenshot.

Method 2 – Palm swipe on Samsung Galaxy F22

If by some reason your hardware keys are damaged and you are unable to use the traditional method to take the screenshot then you may use the palm swipe to capture the screenshot on Samsung Galaxy F22.

To enable the palm settings, go the advanced settings of your Samsung Galaxy F22 and choose motion and gestures feature. Enable Palm Swipe Option. When you have activated the gesture, you can now just swipe your palm to take a screenshot.

Method 3 – Use of Assistant Menu

If you want something easier or other methods did not work well for you, then you can choose the method 3 to take the screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy F22.

To get the assistant Menu, visit the Accessibility option in your settings and choose interaction and dexterity. A small bubble will appear on the screen with many options. Tap on the screenshot option from the bubble to take the screenshot.

So, these were some of the best ways to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy F22. If you also have techniques which you think not many know about, you can comment down. Your suggestions are valuable to us.

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