How to set up the preferred Network type on Mi 8 SE Step By Step

We are living in the world of an ever-changing environment with advancements being done at a constant pace. Back to the days when people didn’t have any idea about the network types and the connectivity of their devices. Let us learn on How to set up the preferred Network type on Mi 8 SE step by step.

There were times when people used to put their mode of the phone only in 2G. 3G services were not common back in 2010 and people could not think about the connectivity and the speed which we get nowadays. Smartphone users can’t even imagine their life without the speed and connectivity of 4G.

There were areas where the connectivity and the preferred network type switches between 2G to 3G and even to 4G. So, we wished to avoid the switching of the networks without slowing down the speed. Many of the phones have an inbuilt feature of switching the network automatically but in the Mi 8 SE, you can set up your preferred network as per your requirements.

Android devices now come with a wide range of options of connectivity like 2G, 3G and 4G LTE. We already know that 3G and 4G LTE provides greater data speed as compared to 2G, GPRS or EDGE. If you have a subscription to JIO, Airtel, or VI it is better to keep your device at 4G LTE & When you want to cut off your data then you can switch to 2G GSM GPRS as per your priority

How to set up the preferred Network type on Mi 8 SE

In order to set up your preferred network type just follow the steps below. Please check the details of your smartphone is the 4G and other data connection network is compatible to your phone or not.

Step 1:– Go to your Home Menu and open Settings.

Step 2:– Tap on the SIM cards & Mobile Networks option in the settings.

Step 3:– In the screen you will have to choose your sim card.

Step 4:– In the Sim card Settings select preferred network type

Step 5:– In the network type menu, you will be getting options like Prefer LTE, Prefer 3G and 2G only. From there you can select any of the required networks that you want to keep.


It is crucial to know the compatibility of your phone and required settings in order to choose the preferred network type because each and every phone has different settings and different connectivity. Samsung operators only have the options of 3G and 2G and it is not possible to use 4G LTE in those smartphones.

You can also buy JIO Wi-Fi to make HD calls and used 4G data high speed or any other preferred network of 3G or 2G that is supported over phone. If it is not supported then you can easily upgrade to LTE / VOLTE compatible phone. In the past few years, the connectivity and speed has taken an uprise. In the past few decades, we can’t even imagine the quality of speed that we get today. The telecom industry has worked hard and put in a lot of effort to carry out the connection build up to provide high quality connection to their customers.

Hope that the above-mentioned Steps would be helpful in order to change your preferred network type. You can comment down your thoughts regarding your favorite preferred network type and why, we will be waiting for your kind views.

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