How to Remove Bloatware on Samsung Galaxy F22 and improve the performance

After the use of your phone for a long period of time the performance of Samsung Galaxy F22 slowly reduces and sometimes gets hanged too. There are many methods you can use in order to improve the performance. One of the most common method is factory reset which solves most of the problems on your device.

But, if you want to cleanup the device in order for the smooth functioning of your Samsung Galaxy F22 you can use the process called as debloating, which is the process to delete the pre-installed applications which slower down the speed and performance of your phone.

Whenever you buy a new smartphone, you can notice many pre-installed apps which is of no use. Many users don’t bother to remove the bloatware. Samsung Galaxy F22 gives its users many pre-installed apps. But if your device’s performance is reducing you can remove the bloatware also.

How to Remove Bloatware on Samsung Galaxy F22?

There are various preparations when your start debloating your device. One of the best things about debloating is that there is no need to root your device for the process. You just need to go through the developer options and use proper commands.

First of all, before knowing the process of debloating you need to install the Android SDK on your computer, Go the settings on your phone and go to SETTINGS-> About Phone-> information of software and tap 7 times on the option of build number.

STEP 1 – In the file of the Android SDK, open the command line present in the folder.

STEP 2 – Connect your Samsung Galaxy F22 to the computer via the USB cable.

STEP 3 – Type- “adb devices” on the command prompt. If you have successfully connected the device, it should be displayed in the command line.

STEP 4 – Now after granting the permission to access the phone, it is the time to enter the shell of the phone. To do so enter “adb shell” on the command line.

STEP 5 – Now Samsung Galaxy F22 is well set to remove the bloatware. On the internet search for the OneUI Debloat List.

STEP 6 – Open OneUI Debloat List which contains all the commands to remove the bloatware or the pre-installed apps which you no more want in your Samsung Galaxy F22. You just need to copy and paste the commands in the command prompt and the execution will take place.

There are certain instructions necessary before going into the steps. The steps may vary from device to device. While using the command prompt make sure to execute only those commands which will remove the certain bloatware you want. If you want to remove all the bloatware, just copy and paste all the commands.

Removal of the bloatware from your Samsung Galaxy F22 can be very beneficial for the phone’s performance, battery consumption and increases the life span. Hope that the above steps will be useful for the audience in order to remove the bloatware from your Samsung Galaxy F22.

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