How to improve Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha’s Battery Life

Improving battery life has become a requirement over time. With the current usage, it is common for the battery to drain in Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. Let us learn how to improve Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha’s Battery Life Step by step.

Xiaomi is one of the most trusted brands in the market. It holds a wholesome position in the smartphone industry due to its reasonable price giving high specs and facilities. But many times people had issues with Xiaomi smartphones battery life. Many customers complain about the encounter of battery draining wat too fast. However, we have various techniques by which we can extend the battery life of our Xiaomi smartphone.

Particularly we will be discussing the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. It comes with a name of trust and is also one of the bestsellers in the smartphone industry. Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha comes with a battery backup of 4050 mAh which should be good enough to be functioning with stand by you throughout the day. We promise that these tips will be very beneficial and you will be having a joyous ride with your Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha.

How to improve Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha’s Battery Life

1. Battery Saver Mode

The very first tip to enhance your battery life is to do a presetting evaluation about the application which run in the background that is of no use and plays a vital role in the disintegration of your battery life.

To enable the battery saver mode, first of all, go to your settings and then press on Battery and performance. From there you will get the option of turning on the battery saver mode. In addition to the battery saver mode, There are modes such as Non-interactive mode that will be beneficial in order to save you battery life when your phone is idle. The phone will, therefore, intelligently sense whether the phone is being used or idle and work accordingly to save the battery.

2. Setting up Preferred Network type

Signal management also plays a crucial role in saving the life of the battery. To enable the setting first open the settings and then click 4 times on the total storage menu to access a hidden menu where you get hidden information regarding the smartphone. To prevent Xiaomi to detect the network continuously and draining your battery, set up the preferred network type, and the below select “LTE/TD-SCDMA/UMTS”. This is very useful to save your battery drain about which many users don’t even have an idea.

3. Use of Dark Mode

Dark mode enables smartphones to switch from light to dark. When this feature has enabled the background of most of the apps are in dark. Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha has an AMOLED display, unlike an LED display which enables to turn off individual pixels when the mode is turned dark. You can enable this feature by going to the setting then display and choosing the option “Dark Mode”.

4. Disable location services

Many apps use the location services for their purpose to boost your performance, but also drain your battery. Many apps like travel apps, photography apps, location apps, cab apps make use of your location which you never look upon. You can disable the location sharing by going to the settings and then hit on privacy and choose location services to be disabled o to only use while running a particular app.

5. Keeping the apps updated

When you keep your smartphone’s app updated, the latest version and optimized version of a particular app run on your smartphone which surely helps to utilize less battery as compared to old versions and drain the battery. Developers come up with new updates every then and know to boost the performance of the app and support your smartphones life.


Even if the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha comes with a load of functions with an enormous battery backup, it is the responsibility of the user to use it efficiently. There are also some small points that most uses don’t even notice but play a huge impact in the battery draining. For instance, the use of live wallpaper looks fantastic but the battery consumption is enormous. Also charges your device with a different charger rather than the certified charger also impacts the battery life of your smartphones.

Each and every smartphone has a life after which the functions of the smartphones may seem to be lagging, the battery backup looks a lot less. But by the use of these tips, we have mentioned above you can surely be able to extend the battery life of your Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. We hope these tips will be beneficial for the smooth functioning of your Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha.

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