How to improve Samsung Galaxy A7 Battery Life

Samsung is one the most trusted brands in the market. It gives tough completion to the other brands in terms of look and feels as well as the performance. Let us learn how to improve Samsung Galaxy A7 Battery Life Step by step.

The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy A7 is a massive 3300mAh battery which is enough to be lasting for 24 hours. However, there are cases where you need to save your battery. For instance, on any road trip, you do not have any charging point or a power bank. In that case, it is essential to use battery efficiency for the long-lasting life of the phone. So, here are effective 3 ways you can use in order to improve the battery life of Samsung Galaxy A7 device.

Methods to improve Samsung Galaxy A7 Battery Life

Here are a few tips to improve the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy A7. If you are a power user and long-time Android user, you probably know most of these tips. However, most new users will appreciate the tips listed below.

1. Enabling of Dark Mode

This is one of the most important things you can do at first in order to save the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy A7. By enabling the Dark Mode your device will now be switched from light to dark. In this case, all the apps you use will have a dark background. This will help the improvement in the battery life. As nowadays most smartphones have AMOLED displays.

By enabling the dark mode individual pixels get turned off. This allows the pixels to not use the power. Furthermore, the use of the dark mode is very beneficial for the eyes as well.

To enable the dark mode, go to your settings and then to the display option. Select the Dark Mode to switch from light to dark background.

2. Limit the Background Use

Most of the apps run in the background about which most of the users do not know about. These background apps have an impact to reduce battery life. So, these apps must be stopped if not used in order to save the battery.

Samsung Galaxy A7 has a feature called background usage limits by which you can restrict all the unused apps that run on your device. To make use of this feature you can go to the settings of your Samsung Galaxy A7. Visit the Battery and device care and toggle to the background usage limit option.

3. Enable Power Saving Mode

If the dark mode is not enough to stop the speed of drainage of the battery you can go and turn on the power saving mode on your Samsung Galaxy A7 device. The power-saving mode can control the overall usage of the battery and helps to improve the battery life.

This mode can turn off the pixelated display and limit the speed of the CPU by 70 percent. It also reduces the brightness to improve the battery life.

To avail of the power saving mode feature, go to the setting on your Samsung Galaxy A7 device. Click on battery and device care and look for the power-saving mode to enable it. You can also go to the navigation bar to activate this mode.


Even if the Samsung Galaxy A7 comes with a load of functions with an enormous battery backup, it is the responsibility of the user to use it efficiently. There are also some small points that most uses don’t even notice but play a huge impact on the battery draining. For instance, the use of live wallpaper looks fantastic but the battery consumption is enormous. Also charges your device with a different charger rather than the certified charger also impacts the battery life of your smartphones.

Each and every smartphone has a life after which the functions of the smartphones may seem to be lagging, the battery backup looks a lot less. But by the use of these tips, we have mentioned above you can surely be able to extend the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy A7. We hope these tips will be beneficial for the smooth functioning of your Samsung Galaxy A7 .

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