How to Enable Dark Mode on Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro Step By Step

In the past few years, Xiaomi being known for its innovative features came up with dark mode, which helped a lot to reduce the strain in the eyes. Let us learn how to Enable Dark Mode on Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro Step by Step.

We are in an era where smartphones and technologies have become an essential part of our lives. People tend to sit most of the time in Infront of their phones and other devices. During this pandemic too, smartphones have played a vital role in holding into the work. Indian market of smartphones is dominated by Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro. But while using smartphones we generally notice that most of the screens, apps and websites we use in common have a light background.

Why Dark Mode on Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro?

We were used to having this background in the past years when the technology was not that advanced. People tend to complain about the fatigue and strain on the eyes when you use your Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro for a long time. Xiaomi customers needed a feature that can change the look and lighting of the screen so that the smartphones can be used at night without having adverse effects on the eyes.

What does Dark mode do on Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro?

Dark mode enables the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro users to switch the color of the screen to black (dark) with the texts and other objects white. Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro also allows the user to use dark mode for the whole operating system as well as selected apps which the user wants. Dark mode helps to reduce strain in the eyes, the fonts of the text become more legible, and also helps to save the battery life. In a small survey, it was found that Xiaomi users who use light mode tend to have a higher risk of having myopia as compared to people who use dark mode.

Steps to Enable Dark Mode on Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro

Dark mode on android or Dark theme as google likes to call it switches most of the google owned apps to the dark background. For instance, chrome, maps, YouTube become dark. Dark mode came into reality after November 2019 and only available on devices having an operating system of & Android 10 and above, so the older phones cannot use this feature.

STEP 1– First go to the settings on your Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro, either by swiping down the notification shade or by the icon of settings on the main menu.

STEP 2– Click on display settings.

STEP 3– In the display search for advanced options.

STEP 4– Here you can to toggle Dark mode ON or OFF.

If you don’t want to go to the settings on your Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and follow the step every time you switch, you can add the Dark mode as quick settings in the notification shade to switch swiftly.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro also provides enabling of dark mode selectively as the user wants. You can visit the settings and search for app displays where you can choose to switch the modes to dark for each and every app on your device. It completely depends on the user and their preferences regarding light and dark mode. But surely Dark mode has more advantages as it reduces the glare from the screen, which can be very helpful for users with visual impairments like photosensitivity, astigmatism, or cataracts.

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