How to Enable Battery Saving Mode on Redmi 9 Power Step By Step

In many instances, it happens that our battery drains on important occasions. Battery Saving mode on Redmi 9 Power has been bliss to all of us ever since. Let us learn on How to enable battery saving mode on Redmi 9 Power devices step by step.

In this generation of Technologies being developed frequently, you also need to move forward in order to cope up with the advancements. It is the era of Smartphones and gadgets. Smartphones have now become an essential part of daily life. The features used in the smartphone is tough for beginners but as soon as you get used to using the smartphone you will be able to recognise the features of your smartphone.

Many users don’t even know the crucial features that make your smartphone better. Many smartphone users complain about the issue of battery draining. One of such features is battery saving mode which is available in most Redmi devices nowadays. For those who don’t know what is the function of a battery saver, don’t worry you are at the right place. When the battery saver operates your device decreases the performance of the device in order to save the battery power, so the efficiency of the device decreases but then it will be running for a longer duration.

Most of the functions would be disabled when the battery saver is on, for example, Google maps and many background data using apps will be restricted. The Redmi 9 Power is using the Li-Polymer 6000 mah battery. If you would like to use it longer you should enable Ultra Battery Saving Mode in Redmi 9 Power . If you also want to know how to enable battery saving mode on your Redmi 9 Power , there is a step-by-step process for the same listed below-

How to enable Battery Saving Mode on Redmi 9 Power

 Step 1 – Go to your home menu and click on settings.

 Step 2 – In the settings choose battery and performance.

 Step 3 – After that you will be seeing an option of battery saver, click to turn it on.

Step 4 – You can also get the features of occasional operation of battery saver but that totally depends on the user and their timings and how they want to use it.

Step 5 – You can also enable battery saving mode on Your Redmi 9 Power device through your Control Center. Swipe down to access the Control centre.

XIAOMI is one of the best in the market due to its reasonable price giving higher specs as compared to other smartphone devices in the market which comes up with many advancements in their device and updates to make the lives of the user easy. Recently launched the Ultra battery saving mode which can increase the life of your battery by reducing the function of some of your system settings and resources. Ultra-power saving mode is currently available in the MIUI 12 version of XIAOMI.


MIUI known for its advancements in the cell phone industry comes up with new technologies very frequently and the battery saving mode Ultra battery saving mode is very beneficial for the users. It not only helps the user to minimise the load on the battery but also enables them to use it for a longer time.

Many times we don’t know what apps are running in the background and drain your battery but with the use of battery saving mode on your device, it will be very useful for you to reduce the percentage of battery drained to get a full experience of your smartphone. Hope the steps mentioned above would be beneficial for you. You can comment down your thoughts regarding the battery saving mode. We will be delighted to view your responses.

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