How to Disable Location Services on Redmi Note 10 Pro Step by Step

There is always a barter when the topic arises between privacy and convenience on a Redmi device. Technology has made our lives very easy in the past years. May it be going to a cafe, movies, or airports Google’s location services help us to find the best ways, paths, and searches the best destination after knowing our locations. Things that can be used to help us can also be used in bad deeds. So, it is very crucial to know about your privacy settings beforehand on your Xiaomi device so you live on the safer side. Let us learn how to Disable Location Services on Redmi Note 10 Pro Step by Step.

Working of location sharing

Google’s location-sharing is enabled by default in various Xiaomi smartphones, and most of the users don’t even know about it. You often see that whenever you visit a new place or a destination Google recommends the places to visit or the locations to eat etc. These all thing are possible because of location services being enabled in your Redmi Note 10 Pro and thus, your location is being tracked down and it will continue to do so until you disable your location services on your device.

Android location services

For the first time when you set up your Redmi Note 10 Pro Device, it asks for the permission of location services. If you choose yes on the location services, then Google will automatically track down your movements, and location history, which you can see in your Google account. Google claims that it helps to show suggestions for your best experience. It suggests links and auto-suggestions that will be helpful for various situations. But not all Redmi users are in favor of it as many think that the information can be used for malicious activities and hampers privacy.

Steps to disable Location Services on Redmi Note 10 Pro

STEP 1– Open the settings in the main menu or by swiping down the notification shade on your Redmi Note 10 Pro.

STEP 2– Scroll down in the settings and choose security and location.

STEP 3– Click on Location services.

STEP 4– In the upper right area of the screen you will see an option of On and OFF.

STEP 5– Click on OFF to disable the location sharing.

STEP 6– There is an additional optional step you can follow in order to delete the previous location history on your Redmi Note 10 Pro. Go to the location and then to Google Location history and in the upper right corner click on the slider of ON and OFF to stop saving the location services history.

What comes with a boon comes with a bane. When you disable the location services Google will not be able to get complete information about your location which makes the google assistant less effective. Google helps you to recommend the best for you in any situation just because of location services but when you switch it off Google will be unable to recommend things you might need, so you miss out on many things on your Xiaomi smartphone. Google surely has made our life efficient and easier but it completely depends on the Xiaomi user on how they take it. Some people like the location service while others think of it as losing privacy.

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